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30th Jul 2014

Video: Have a look at this hilarious ‘fishy’ clip from the new Inbetweeners 2 movie

Check it out you bumders.

Alan Loughnane

Check it out you bumders…

With the release of the new Inbetweeners movie just days away, the 6th of August to be exact, JOE Towers is a sea of excitement at the minute.

We were ecstatic when we saw the very funny first trailer for the hotly-anticipated new movie, while the even better second trailer rendered us nearly catatonic (we are okay now though).

Imagine the reaction then when we saw this brilliant teaser trailer which has just been released. Did you know that dolphins are only fed raw fish? They don’t even get to go to Nando’s on their birthdays…

Watch the hilarious clip below…

Video and image via EFDFilms.