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22nd Jul 2016

VIDEO: Jon Stewart takes over Stephen Colbert’s Late Show desk

Tony Cuddihy

“If only there was someone I could share this lack of pleasure with.”

Jon Stewart was wondering if he could just talk about the election for a little bit, and his old Comedy Central buddy Stephen Colbert was more than willing to let him take over his Late Show desk.

We’re not exactly sure why, it’s not like we’ve just seen one of the dangerous nomination acceptance pieces in the history of politics. Is it?

“Ivanka said Donald was gonna speak,” he opened with. “She said he was full of compassion and generous. But then this angry groundhog came out and just vomited on everyone for an hour.”

Also, if you thought there were no similarities between Barack Obama and Trump, you might want to look at this.

This is the very definition of gallows humour.

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