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07th Aug 2014

Video: Se7en recreated as an 8 bit video game is absolutely genius and creepy

What's in the box?

Paul Moore

The deadly sins have never looked this deadly before…

JOE thinks that some films offer valuable life lessons that can help anyone in their daily lives.

For example, Home Alone taught us to stand on our own two feet even when thieves are trying to rob our house, Shawshank Redemption preaches the importance of never giving up hope while Ferris Bueller showed us that skipping school is always a great idea.

Se7en on the other hand frightened the living crap out of us, so much so that for a few weeks we lived our lives like goody two shoes choir boys… it didn’t last long though.

This new 8-bit version of David Fincher’s classic occult thriller is brilliant but slightly creepy also. Take a look.

Clip via – CineFix

It’s safe to say that JOE has a fair amount of love for all things 8-bit. Have a look at the previous videos for; The Avengers, Kill Bill, Anchorman, The Big Lebowski and Iron Man to name a few.

Thank god being slightly geeky for 8-bit videos isn’t a deadly sin, our head might have ended up in a box if it was.

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