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30th Jul 2013

Video: This montage of the best moments from sporting movies is pretty stirring stuff

We’re gonna need a montage...

Conor Heneghan

We’re gonna need a montage…

While there have undoubtedly been some terrible sporting movies produced by Hollywood over the years – we’re looking at you When Saturday Comes – there have also been some pretty good ones too, although disappointment remains in these parts that a brave director has yet to tackle the GAA in any serious shape or form on the big screen so far.

Although the likes of Tin Cup, Rocky, The Karate Kid, Remember the Titans, Coach Carter and yes, Happy Gilmore are all inspirational in their own right, this montage featuring the best bits of all those films and even more is even better and with suitable montage-y music in the background, it would be the perfect clip to play to rile up the troops in the dressing room before a big game.

While the montage above did cause a few hairs to rise at the back of our necks, we do, however, still think that it falls just a little bit short of the best movie montage of all time…

Video via YouTube/Movie Montages

Hat-tip: Brobible