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01st Oct 2019

Viewers were incredibly moved by last night’s Brendan Grace documentary

Jade Hayden

An incredible tribute to the late comedian.

Viewers of last night’s Brendan Grace documentary were incredible moved as the the film took audiences through the comedian’s final months.

Part one of Brendan Grace: Thanks for the Memories aired on Monday night on RTÉ One, combining touching interviews, poignant moments, and rare archival footage of the Dublin entertainer.

Ahead of his cancer diagnosis, Grace had been working with the Forget-Me-Nots choir with the intention of performing a new show alongside those suffering from dementia.

However, once he learns of his illness, the direction of Grace’s documentary shifts slightly.

“Hiya folks, this is Brendan Grace here,” he said at the beginning of last night’s episode.

“Not as well as I usually am, but I set out to do a documentary, and I wanted to dedicate it to Alzheimer’s and dementia.”

“And I’m glad we’re going ahead with it, even though I’m not well,” he went on.

“I’d like to be here when it’s over, but I want you to enjoy it very well. I had hoped to be in better condition doing it, but I don’t have to be in better condition – you have.

“And the title of it is, Thanks for the Memories. Love you all.”

Grace passed away from lung cancer in July 2019. He had been diagnosed with pneumonia the month before.

Part one of last night’s documentary left viewers incredibly moved by the comedian’s selflessness, even in his ill health – as well as his ability to bring humour and joy into any situation.

Part two of Brendan Grace: Thanks for the Memories airs next Monday, October 7 on RTÉ one.

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