Wade Boggs is fully behind the absolutely insane Always Sunny drinking challenge 9 months ago

Wade Boggs is fully behind the absolutely insane Always Sunny drinking challenge

For any Always Sunny fan that's flying soon.

To be honest, nothing would please us more than to get a job at Paddy's Pub but there are moments when you would really not want to meet any of the gang.

For example, it's hard to stay friends with Mac when he browns out, or with Frank after that whole Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare incident. All this without mentioning Sweet Dee dry heaving whenever she's doing stand-up comedy, or Dennis getting off.

See, that's how you get off.

Still though, we wouldn't swap these jabronis for anyone else because amidst all their depraved scams and schemes, they also invented the greatest challenge of all time.

Cast your mind back to the Season 10 opener when 'The Gang Beats Boggs' - God bless his soul- by knocking back 70 beers on a cross-country flight before hitting a home run. Oh yeah, he also ate a chicken.*

*We're still not sure if this was an exact rule but who are we to argue with Charlie because he's the only person to complete the challenge.

Special praise goes to Mac's performance as the commissioner though and Frank's attempt at drugging a fratboy.

Anyways, after this recent attempt by an Always Sunny superfan to nail the challenge went viral, the most recent episode went back to this iconic episode but they provided a new twist.

We're fully expecting Season 13 to be released on Netflix very soon, but as you can see in the clip below, Artemis 'I have a bleached asshole' Dubois and Sweet Dee attempt to recreate some drinking magic. Well, they managed to get the seal of approval from Boss Hogg.

Get these women some chicken!