WATCH: Cast of Dublin Murders give hints about the murder mystery at the heart of the show 1 year ago

WATCH: Cast of Dublin Murders give hints about the murder mystery at the heart of the show

"Three kids go into those woods, only one comes out alive."

Irish actors Killian Scott and Sarah Greene have given a breakdown of the upcoming crime drama Dublin Murders — which is shaping up to be Ireland's answer to True Detective.


"Dublin Murders revolves around three separate cases," says Scott. "One is current day in the show, which is 2006, and there a historic case which is 1985. And there's a third case, which brings Tom Vaughan-Lawlor's character into play, which is another suspected murder."

Going deeper into the investigations, Green says: "So in the early '80s, three children when messing in Knocknaree Woods, one child was found alive, the other two - there was no trace of them ever again. The parents of the little girl who have been murdered in 2006 have a connection to that story and therein lies the mystery."

The pair also speak on their detective relationship in the show. Scott says, "They do cross lines, and they both start get lost in very muddy and dark personal backstories."

Greene says that the detectives cross a line together that jeopardises her undercover persona as 'Lexie,' which she describes as her character "giving into her darkness."

It sounds dark and we're pumped.

Based on the books by Irish-American author Tana French, the series is coming to BBC and RTÉ next week. It will air on BBC at 9pm on Monday 14 October. The second episode will then be shown on Tuesday 15 October at 9pm and every subsequent Monday and Tuesday for four weeks.

Last week, RTÉ confirmed that it would also be broadcasting the show, starting with a double-bill of the first two episodes on 16 October.


The show won't just be for Irish and UK audiences. In the United States, the show will premier on the Starz network starting on 10 November.

Check out the video below.