WATCH: The crew of the Covenant send messages home to their families, before the Alien shows up 6 years ago

WATCH: The crew of the Covenant send messages home to their families, before the Alien shows up

The cliched action of sending a loving message back to your family and friends back home take on a much darker turn than usual in the latest promotional clips for Alien: Covenant.

Not only because, well, this is an Alien movie and chances are that most if not all of the people probably won't make it out of this trip alive/in one piece, but the footage they're sending home is glitching out and showing some very disturbing imagery.


We can't imagine this is what they want their families and friends to actually be seeing!

First up is Daniels (Fantastic Beasts' Katherine Waterston), a terraforming expert, and on form to be this entry's answer to Ripley.

Next is Christopher Oram (Almost Famous' Billy Crudup), the first mate of the good ship Covenant. He believes they've been brought on this mission by a higher power, and he doesn't see eye-to-eye with the scientifically-minded Daniels.


Then we've got security detail Rosenthal (played by Home & Away's Tess Haubrich), who is awoken for the mission, but finds her partner is kept in cryo-sleep. That will cause ... problems.

Sergeant Lope (The Hateful Eight's Demian Bachir) is the no-nonsense head of security for the Covenant, and it does really appear like he has any loved ones on the receiving end of his particular messages.


And last but not least we've got Tennessee (This Is The End's Danny McBride), who starts off telling a very Danny McBride-ish story, before showing some hidden emotional depths when the act of cryo-sleep / not aging / probably never seeing your family and friends finally hits home.

No love letters home from either of Michael Fassbender's characters, probably because they're both androids and don't have anyone to send them on to. But you never know... androids need love to!


We'll see how it all fits together when Alien: Covenant arrives in Irish cinemas on 12 May.

All clips via 20th Century Fox