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25th Aug 2021

WATCH: The interview between Niall Horan and Lizzo is an absolute flirt-fest

Rory Cashin

“You’re giving me a One Erection!”

Jimmy Kimmel Live is enjoying its week of guest hosts, and on Tuesday night, our very own Niall Horan took on the hosting duties for the night.

It has resulted in some bookies taking on odds that Horan will actually be offered his own talk show off the back of how well it went, but a lot of that has got to be down to one of his guests for the night, Lizzo.

Celebrating the launch of her new single ‘Rumours’, a collaboration with Cardi B, the entire interview devolved – or evolved? – into one long flirting session between the two performers.

Between a memory of their first ever time meeting while recording at BBC Radio One, to Lizzo offering to get Niall pregnant, it is an absolute joy to watch Niall’s face change to a rainbow of reds over the course of the 15-minute interview.

Horan also created a little compatibility quiz to see if they could work out as a couple, which involved asking who would be Lizzo’s dream addition to their potential threeway.

Also, Lizzo’s revelation of Cardi B’s last words before they took on the photo shoot for the single cover is magnificent.

Watch the interview in full right here:

Clip via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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