WATCH: Irish teacher leads schoolkids in Haiti in amazing version of ‘My Lovely Horse’ 3 years ago

WATCH: Irish teacher leads schoolkids in Haiti in amazing version of ‘My Lovely Horse’

Nin Hoogen and the Hoogen Notes would be proud.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the last episode of Father Ted was broadcast but its legacy continues to live on at home and abroad.

We’re not sure how big it ever was in Haiti, but thanks to the efforts of one particularly enthusiastic Irish teacher, at least one class of schoolchildren in the country won’t forget one of the greatest ever comedies for a long, long time.

At the end of four weeks teaching in a school in Gros Morne, Dublin native Hugo Rowsome and a team of Irish volunteers had to do a song with each of their classes.

Hugo couldn’t think of any better song for his class of 3-8 year old boys than the winning entry in the 1996 Irish Eurosong contest, ‘My Lovely Horse’.

The end result, particularly Hugo’s choreography, is nothing short of sensational. And there was no sax solo either.

The video was sent our way by Hugo’s girlfriend, Tanya O’Brien.

Hugo and Tanya were part of a team of 13 volunteers from Ireland that spent four weeks volunteering with children in Haiti on behalf of the charity Haven, who donated $20,000 to the people of Haiti.

With that money, the team were able to build two houses for families with no homes, employ 50 locals and feed 630 children breakfast and lunch every day for six days a week while they were in the country.

The trip was organised by Patrick O’Neil, a secondary school teacher who has travelled to Haiti in a volunteering capacity for the last 10 years.

Was Hugo's version better than the original? We'll let you decide.

Clip via Channel 4

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