WATCH: John Oliver breaks down the insanity of just one week of Trump's presidency 3 years ago

WATCH: John Oliver breaks down the insanity of just one week of Trump's presidency

It's scary how accurate he is.

'President Donald Trump' still doesn't look normal written down. In fact it looks more like the punchline to a weird, elaborate joke. But, as John Oliver points out here, this is definitely real life. A very weird life, but real life nonetheless.


This is the premise of Oliver's latest segment on Last Week Tonight, his weekly late-night show.

Among the things that happened in Washington this week was the emergence of what Oliver is calling "Stupid Watergate - a scandal with all of the potential ramifications of Watergate, but where everyone involved is stupid and bad at everything."

We also had this, as the President of the United States stomped his feet like an angry child in a supermarket.

Oliver was quick to remind him that four Presidents of America were shot dead while in office, which is quite a great deal worse than being mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Perhaps the most compelling point of Oliver's is the comparison of a Trump controversy to an Obama controversy, where he rewinds the clock eight years to when Obama was new in office, and shows what the media were criticising him for.


Revealing secret information to the Russians? Banning innocent people from entering the country? Firing the same person who was investigating him? Nope, it was Obama ordering a burger with Dijon mustard on it.

What a difference eight years makes.

Watch Oliver for yourself here, it's excellent television:

Clip via LastWeekTonight