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It's going viral...

Everyone is talking about the series 13 Reasons Why, which is currently available on Netflix.

It's received a mixed reaction, from people who were heartbroken watching the series but still enjoyed it, and those who believed it glorified the highly sensitive topic of teen suicide.

But like it or hate it, it's proved very popular on the ever-growing Netflix platform, here's a trailer for it.

It's the story of Hannah Baker and her life in high school ultimately ends in her dying by suicide. This isn't a spoiler for the series, it's all revealed in the opening episode and the story of why she decided to end her life is told over 13 episodes in flashback.

But there's a scene where Clay, the male protagonist in the series, receives the tapes and very carefully opens the box, and begins listening to the tapes.

But Shane Mullarkey created a video detailing how the start of the tapes would begin if the series was set in Ireland.


The video has proved a massive hit on social media, being viewed over 250k times at the time of writing with over 10k likes.

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