FEATURE: 15 of the best Friends celebrity guest stars 4 years ago

FEATURE: 15 of the best Friends celebrity guest stars

It ended 12 years ago, but we still just can't let go of one of the best sitcoms of all time.

Although everyone had their favourite friend, much of the shows brilliance is due to the huge host of celebrities that made cameos throughout the 10 seasons.

While we love the recurring characters like Paul Rudd's Mike or Tom Selleck's turn as Richard, this list is more concerned about the celebrities that only featured in one or two episodes, and there is no shortage to chose from.

Dakota Fanning 

The One with Princess Consuela, Season 7

When Chandler and Monica bring Joey to view their new house, he meets the young girl who the house previously belonged to. Since Joey isn't the most mature of men, he and Mackenzie bond over their reluctance to change. The best part of this is probably when Chandler briefly convinces Joey that he was talking to a little ghost girl.

Best line "I don't have any great ideas, I am eight." 

Clip via LAMJ

Julia Roberts

The One After the Superbowl: Part 2, Season 2

Roberts played Susie Moss, a girl that Chandler knew in the 4th grade, when they catch up after all those years Susie jokes about him pulling up her skirt when they were kids. We realise by the end of the episode that she never did get over that prank, and leaves Chandler in a restaurant toilet cubicle wearing her underwear to get him back. Julia Roberts and Mathew Perry were actually dating in real life when this was filmed.

Best line: "What do I mean? What do you mean, what do I mean? I mean, underpants Mr."

Clip via blackinfire

Alec Baldwin

The One in Massapequa, Season 8

Baldwin plays Phoebe's boyfriend, Parker, who is definitely one of the most quotable guest stars on the list. Overly-enthusiastic Parker thinks everything is miraculous, wonderful and delightful. And that all moments are worthy of taking a mental picture - click.

Best line: "Bow wow old friend, bow wow." 

Clip via PureBloodPaul

Hugh Laurie

The One with Ross's wedding: part 2, Season 4

When Rachel makes a last minute decision to stop Ross and Emily's wedding, Hugh Laurie plays the unlucky man who is stuck beside Rachel on the flight. He inevitably has to listen to all the Ross and Rachel drama as a result, no matter how hard he tries to ignore it.

Best line: "You are a horrible, horrible person.. I'm afraid I'll have to agree with you friend, Phoebs"

Clip via TheCopperKid76

Ben Stiller

The One with the Screamer, Season 3

Stiller plays the hilariously angry Tommy, who is dating Rachel. However it is only ever Ross who witnesses him acting aggressive. The gang assume that Ross is just jealous of him seeing Rachel, until they all walk in on him screaming at the chick and duck.

Best line: (Speaking to the chick) "Idiot! Stupid little fuzzy yellow creature, oh look at me I'm so cute, I'm a little chick who's disgusting."

Clip via PureBloodPaul

Danny Devito

The One where the Stripper Cries, Season 10

Pretty much everything Danny Devito does is hilarious, but playing a stripper who borrowed his nephews halloween costume is definitely one of the best. When Monica and Rachel forget organise a hen party that is too tame for Phoebe, they book Roy, the stripper last minute.

Best Line: "Did someone call, for the long arm of the law?"

Clip via Frank Reynolds (Best of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Charlie Sheen

The One with the Chicken Pox, Season 2

Sheen plays a sailor who returns from sea to see his girlfriend Phoebe, but she's got the Chicken Pox. Ryan finds it hard to resist Phoebe even with the infectious disease and ends up catching it. The two end up spending the weekend scratching their itches.

Best line: "The lightening was an unfortunate coincidence."

Clip via hypothesa

Winona Ryder

The One with Rachel's Big Kiss, Season 7

Ryder plays Rachel's old sorority sister whom she bumps into at the coffee house. Rachel tells the group about how she and Melissa once shared a drunk, late night kiss, but when she asked Melissa about it, she denies it in front of Phoebe. Rachel, fed up with being called a liar, kisses her once more, and that's when we realise that Melissa is basically head-over-heals in love with her.

Best line: "I can still hear the coconuts knocking together."

Clip via staubputzen

Jon Lovitz

The One with the Blind Dates, Season 9

This was actually Lovitz' second appearance on the show, he played a very stoned food critic in season one. In this episode, Rachel goes on a blind date with Lovitz' character Steve, who is in short - a loser. Steve has some brilliant lines in this episode and Rachel's honesty about how badly the date is going makes it even funnier.

Best line: "Look I think I know the answer to this question but, would you like to make love to me?"

Clip via PureBloodPaul

Bruce Willis

The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad, Season 6

Bruce Willis plays the father of a girl Ross is dating. Elizabeth is quite young, which means that her dad is isn't a big fan of her older boyfriend. Willis' character begins dating Rachel, which means we get to know Paul over three episodes. Although he is extremely intimidating at first, Paul turns out to be a neat guy in the end.

Best line: "You're just a love machine."

Clip via Artem Frolov

Brad Pitt 

The One with the Rumour, Season 8.

Pitt was married to Jennifer Anniston during filming so it seemed funny at the time to have a story line about them hating each other (little did we know what the future held). He plays Will, who is an old school friend of Ross's and together, they formed an "I hate Rachel" club.

Best line: "Rachel Green, queen Rachel, does whatever she wants in her little Rachel land" *hair flick*


Clip via Chandler Bing

Robin Williams & Billy Crystal

The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion, Season 3

One of those brilliant random cameos that doesn't even tie into the story very much. When Monica attempts to tell the group about Pete's UFC dreams, she is interrupted by the drama going on between two men on the couch.

Best line: "It's oozing..oozing"


Clip via FRIENDSaddicts

Brook Shields 

The One After the Superbowl: Part 1, Season 2

Joey gets his very own stalker in Erica Ford, who genuinely thinks he is his character from Days of Our Lives. Joey and friends of course decide to play along with the lie. Erica is probably best remembered for her terrifying cackle and her finger biting.

Best line: "Yes, yes the best doctor in all of Salem, Dr. Drake Ramoray." 


Clip via MrCamomileTea

Dan Castellaneta

The One After the Superbowl: Part 1 , Season 2

Right at the end of the scene above, Homer Simpson's voice actor plays a zookeeper who tells Ross that his monkey is still alive and that he has gone on to become a movie star.

Best line: "The zoo? D'you believe everything the zoo tells you?"

Clip via Maisha Kabir

Of course, this is only a small handful of the brilliant celebrity cameos that featured over the 10 years, but we're sure we've left out some gems, so let us know what you'd have by getting in touch on our WhatsApp number 087-4001102, editorial@JOE.ie or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.