A petition has been launched to save Dublin’s TXFM from going off the air 4 years ago

A petition has been launched to save Dublin’s TXFM from going off the air

It’s a cause many people will be happy to get behind.

The news that TXFM will be going off the air later this year was met with sadness by fans of alternative rock music in Dublin when it was announced yesterday.


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) yesterday confirmed that no applications had been received for the music-driven (alternative rock) sound broadcasting service that had been advertised shortly before Christmas and TXFM confirmed the news in an emotional farewell to listeners on their Twitter account yesterday.

It would seem as if some of the station’s fans aren’t going to let it go down without a fight and have started a petition to save the station that was a successor to the hugely popular Phantom 105.2.

The petition, which you can see on change.org, praises TXFM for playing “an essential role in playing contemporary alternative Irish music both label supported artists and unsigned artists”.


It is calling on Communicorp to reconsider to closure of TXFM and on the BAI to try and renegotiate a contract that doesn’t expire until October of this year.


At the time of writing, the petition has attracted 570 signatures and to read the contents of the petition in more detail and perhaps even sign it yourself, you can check it out here.

There could be life in the old dog yet.