The absolutely fantastic 2manydjs will be playing a Christmas gig in Dublin 1 year ago

The absolutely fantastic 2manydjs will be playing a Christmas gig in Dublin

One of the best live gigs that you'll experience.

It's Sunday night at Reading Festival 2011. Yours truly has a choice between watching Muse for what feels like the sixth time in two years, or 2manydjs.


After about five minutes into their DJ set, I knew that the decision to watch the Dewaele brothers behind the decks was the right one.

The duo come out to Seal's iconic track 'Kiss From a Rose' before quickly mixing into the Chemical Brothers 'Hey Boy, Hey Girl' with a little flavour of Human Resource Vs 808 State's dancefloor classic 'Dominator' thrown in for good measure.

One hour later and the crowd have heard samples from the likes of Mumbai Science, Queens of the Stone Age, Metallica, Chaka Khan, Metronomy, The Eurythmics, Motörhead, Daft Punk, Talking Heads, Lil Wayne, Justice, The Prodigy, MGMT, Nirvana, and about 100 other artists too.

Welcome to a 2manydjs gig where the Belgian duo don't just play good rock, indie, hip-hop, dance, trance, electro, or metal music. They just play great music. Simple.

Well, District 8 in Airside Retail Park, Swords will be hosting one of the most innovative and creative DJing duos in the history of dance music this December.

While purists will still regard them as Soulwax, the duo will be bringing their talents to Dublin as they blend all varieties of music.

Aside from this, The 2 Bears will also be playing District 8 for the first time as part of this very special show.


For those interested, 2manydjs DJ set and The 2 Bears will be playing at District 8 on Friday, 20 December.

Early bird tickets can be snapped up for €18 and there are various different prices available with the most expensive tickets going for €30.

Full pricing details can be found here.

If you're looking for a little taste of what's in store, this mix of The Stooges with Salt-N-Pepa (and a little bit of Garbage) always gets us.


Clip via jfecnbs