Study reveals the most and least acceptable bands and artists to play in Irish workplaces 2 years ago

Study reveals the most and least acceptable bands and artists to play in Irish workplaces

Perhaps not surprisingly, Eminem wasn’t deemed particularly appropriate.

Ed Sheeran, U2 and The Corrs are amongst the most acceptable artists when it comes to playing music in Irish workplaces, while Eminem, Rihanna and Thin Lizzy are amongst the least acceptable, according to a new study carried out by LinkedIn in association with Spotify.

Over 1,000 Irish employed adults contributed to a survey carried out in August which sought to determine the attitude towards music being played at Irish workplaces.

As it turns out, rather than seeing music as a distraction, 78% of Irish workers said that listening to music at work makes them more productive

More than half (56%) argued that it keeps them motivated, more than two in five said it helps them to keep calm (42%) and more than three in ten (31%) said it helps them be more creative. Just one in five (20%), meanwhile, admitted to playing music to drown out the sound of their colleagues.

Ed Sheeran (51%), Coldplay (42%), U2 (26%), Bruno Mars (19%) and The Corrs (18%) were found to be the most acceptable artists to play in the workplace, with Eminem (35%), Kanye West (28%), Drake (16%), Rihanna (11%) and Thin Lizzy (11%) ranking as the least acceptable artists to play in a professional environment.

U2 also made the list of the top ten least acceptable artists, as did Westlife and Nathan Carter. How anyone could fail to be productive with this on in the background is beyond us...

Clip via Aisling Fee

As far as individual songs are concerned, U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ (22%) was voted as the most popular song to help Ireland’s workforce get ready for work, followed by ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier (18%), ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers (17%), ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen (16%) and ‘Friday I’m in Love' (15%) by The Cure.

Commenting on the survey, Wendy Murphy, LinkedIn's Senior Director of HR in EMEA Picture, said: “We’ve partnered with Spotify to find out what Ireland really thinks about music being played at work. Ultimately, how we behave in the workplace plays a huge role in developing our professional brand so it’s important to remember what you want to communicate about yourself to others, whether that’s online or offline.

“Listening to music can have positive effects on productivity, creativity and motivation levels – just make sure you’ve been considerate and consulted your colleagues before blasting Eminem on a Monday morning!”