Body & Soul will have its own cinema; these are the films you can catch 5 years ago

Body & Soul will have its own cinema; these are the films you can catch

An eclectic mix of films in store for revellers.

Sometimes during the mayhem of a music festival, it's nice to be able to switch off, kick back and recharge the batteries as you watch a film.


The Lighthouse Cinema tent is a popular destination for festival goers of a similar mindset to the above. Now in its new location at the Library of Progress, movies start at 9.30pm each night.

First up on Friday evening is My Girl. If you're feeling a little too ecstatic with your life and fancy a good old cry, this is the movie for you, otherwise, if you like being happy, avoid at all costs!

Following that tear-fest, at 11.30pm is the cult '80s classic, The Lost Boys. A film about vampires with dodgy haircuts and featuring a brilliant soundtrack, it's a great yarn and a perfect way to pass an hour and a half.

On Saturday, the evenings viewing is kicked off by The Neverending Story. A fantasy film about giant dogs that can fly and other mystical creatures and a hero who has been bullied and is now bouncing back or something. It's worth a view if you're stuck.


This is followed by an absolute classic. It's a film showing the brilliant Talking Heads doing a live show back in the 80s. Fronted by the superb David Byrne, this is a must-see for music fans everywhere. Think how confused your friends will be when you tell them you saw Talking Heads live in a tent at Body & Soul. They'll be absolutely raging.

On Sunday night, there is just one movie being shown, but it's Spiceworld so, you know, spice up your life and go somewhere else instead.