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31st Mar 2019

The Cure’s Robert Smith has hilarious response to overly perky American interviewer

Wil Jones

“By the sounds of it, no.”

The Cure singer Robert Smith is almost definitely the coolest goth on the planet. Even outside the confines of gothdom, he’d probably still rank very high amongst the coolest frontmen that British rock has ever produced.

The Cure were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York this week. You might think Robert Smith isn’t exactly the right fit for a glitzy red carpet shindig, and, er, you’d be right.

Smith was approached by relentlessly perky American interviewer Carrie Keagan, who pulled him over and asked him if he was as excited as her to be there.

His brilliant deadpan response: “By the sounds of it, no.”

Just watch:

Here is the full interview, where Smith is less standoffish but still wonderfully non-plussed. He also complains about it being too early.

Clip via Dror Nahum

The Cure were inducted at the ceremony by Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor, and played five songs: ‘Shake Dog Shake’, ‘A Forest’, ‘Love Song’, ‘Just Like Heaven’, and ‘Boys Don’t Cry’.

“They’ve been in and out of fashion so many times in the last four decades that they ended up transcending fashion itself” said Reznor in his induction speech. “Though they might be a hip name to drop in 2019, this wasn’t always the case. Their dedication to pushing sonic and artistic boundaries while making music for the ages wasn’t always rewarded with glowing reviews in the press.”

The Cure were formed in Crawley in 1976. They have released thirteen albums and over 30 singles, and are currently recording their fourteenth record. Throughout their 40+ year career, singer, guitarist and main songwriter Robert Smith has been the only consistent member.

Other acts inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year include Radiohead, Stevie Nicks, Janet Jackson, Def Leopard, Roxy Music and The Zombies.

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