A documentary made about Ed Sheeran will be available to stream next month 4 years ago

A documentary made about Ed Sheeran will be available to stream next month

The singer-songwriter is getting the full Hollywood treatment.

A documentary following Ed Sheeran's musical journey over the past decade has been filmed, by none other than one of the musician's family members.


The piece, which will be available exclusively on Apple Music beginning next month, is called Songwriter and has been filmed by Sheeran's cousin, Murray Cummings who filmed Sheeran for over a decade.

The film highlights the Sheeran's creative process as he created his third and most recent album, ÷.

“The album is the peak of my songwriting and musical ability,” Sheeran says in the clip. “It might be that I never get this again. The last two albums were building up to something. This one, it definitely feels magical.”

The trailer shows footage of a young Sheeran playing a myriad of instruments before flashing forward to the songwriter dominating studio tours and performing the songs we all know today.


It also, rather sweetly, shows Sheeran returning to his old school and meeting a critical early influence, his school music teacher.

Clip via Ed Sheeran

"Songwriter gives viewers a unique glimpse into the song-writing process," Sheeran says about the upcoming documentary.


"Murray’s film brilliantly documents the hard work and DNA that goes into creating a song from start to finish."

A host of other celebrities also feature in the documentary including producer Benny Blanco, manager Stuart Camp, singer-songwriter Foy Vance, and more.

The documentary was originally premiered in Berlin and was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

Songwriter will be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music from 28 August.