Drake steps up to the haters with a remix of N.E.R.D./Rihanna banger 'Lemon' 4 years ago

Drake steps up to the haters with a remix of N.E.R.D./Rihanna banger 'Lemon'

Wait a minute!

Doing what Drake does best, he's flipped yet another banger and made it his own.


Looking to stunt on his haters, Drizzy remixes N.E.R.D.'s 'Lemon' and keeping Rihanna on the track, Drake's take bangs as hard as the original.

Regardless of whether or not you're feeling Drake's verse, the neck-snapping backdrop should be enough to have you up on your desk showing off the moves you learned from from watching the original video.

Drake's verse goes a little something like this:

"I get it how I live it/ I live it how I get it, y'all don't really get it/ I pull up in a lemon, blocks get to spinnin'/ Money 3D printin'/ Never had a limit, never been religious/ I just always had opinions/ My daddy told me, 'Listen/ You better get some money and not die and go to prison'/ So you see/ Yeah, I got rich and stayed free/ Free the dawgs doin' B.I.Ds/ I know everybody not like me/

Ayy, got the nerve to want a Bentley for her birthday/ I said, 'Maybe I could rent it for your birthday/ Matter of fact I need a favor for the remix/ Maybe I can get some 50s for your birthday'/ Ayy, get to sneakin' for you, bae/ Say we talk but we ain't speakin' every day/ And I know you know what P about to say."


Listen to Drake's remix of 'Lemon' below: