EBU issue statement about UK Eurovision stage invasion 2 years ago

EBU issue statement about UK Eurovision stage invasion

SuRie has turned down the chance to perform her song a second time...

United Kingdom Eurovision contest SuRie was interrupted during her song by a stage invader who grabbed her microphone. She finished the song, but there's no denying that the invasion had an impact.

The European Broadcasting Union has issued a statement following the incident. The statement also confirmed that the person who rushed the stage has since been arrested and detained.

"The EBU regrets a stage invasion took place during the UK performance. The person responsible is currently in police custody."

"The UK singer SuRie and her team were offered the option to sing again but decided not to because they were extremely proud of her performance and have decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again."

Footage of the stage invasion and SuRie's performance can be found here.