Ed Sheeran says that his two Dublin gigs are just "ground work" before an even bigger tour 3 years ago

Ed Sheeran says that his two Dublin gigs are just "ground work" before an even bigger tour

Expect another tour.

While some lucky Ed Sheeran fans were absolutely ecstatic to get tickets to his upcoming gigs at the 3Arena, the majority were left disappointed.

Granted, tickets were always going to be hard to get due to Sheeran's remarkable popularity with the Irish public, but plenty of people were absolutely livid that these tickets were instantly being resold on other websites at extortionate prices.

In fact, Sheeran himself publicly condemned these touts and websites.

The Grammy Award winning singer was a guest on Off the Charts with Fergal D'Arcy this afternoon and he gave Irish fans some hope that another gig will be taking place in the near future. In his own words, these two dates at the 3Arena are just "ground work" before he embarks on an even bigger tour.

Speaking about his upcoming Irish dates at the 3Arena, Sheeran told D'arcy that the two nights "isn't the tour, it's a warm up".

It goes without saying that Sheeran won't be holding anything back on April 12 and 13th, but he did say that he sees this arena tour as the "ground work" before he plays even bigger venues.

Before fans get overexcited, it should be noted that Sheeran didn't specify if these future concerts would be taking place in 2017 or 2018.

In an excellent interview with D'arcy, Sheeran also said that he still finds his popularity in Ireland to be "mind boggling".

"I don't know what happened in Ireland, I think it was because of the The Toy Show, but I just found out that my second album just went back to number one. It's mad."

If you missed the interview, expect to see it on the Today FM website in the near future.