Electric Picnic are looking for you to design caravans for this year's festival 5 months ago

Electric Picnic are looking for you to design caravans for this year's festival

Creative people out there - this is your time to shine.

Every September, the entirety of Stradbally is transformed into a sea of colour for Electric Picnic.

It is an incredible weekend for everyone involved, for a number of reasons.

The atmosphere is a warm and welcoming one and a large reason for this is the things that you might not even notice.

An example of this type of thing could be the colourful caravans that are scattered throughout Stradbally.

And if that's the type of thing that has caught your eye in the past, your very own creation could make this year's festival.

The festival is on a hunt for creators to invent, design, build and host their own caravan or mobile structure at this year’s Electric Picnic.

The most jaw-dropping and inspiring ideas will be given pride of place in the bustling metropolis of the Trailer Park section of EP.

For 2019, Electric Picnic has teamed up with Will Hardie, the craftsman behind Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and Shed of the Year, to launch this year’s Trailer Park competition.

The judging panel will be led by Hardie who will be joined by Roz and Hugo Jellett (the creative directors of Trailer Park) to choose the best ideas and work with them to bring the wacky designs into being. Winners will be invited with a team of friends to host the creation at Electric Picnic.

Artists, architects, theatre-makers, performance groups and creators of all sorts, with an appetite for what makes a festival really sing, will be given an opportunity to let their creative hair down.

A total of 10 grants up to €2000 are being offered for designing, building and presenting your own conceptual caravans at EP.

If that sounds like something you could sounds interested in, you can apply here.

The deadline for applications is 15 April. Good luck!