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03rd Jan 2014

Ellie Goulding poses sans top for Marie Claire photo shoot

Good news, lads. Rumour has it she loves an Irish accent. We are SO in…


The stunning British singer was interviewed by the popular women’s magazine as she appeared on the cover of their February issue.

We really like Ellie Goulding here at JOE; the lady knows how to sing a tune, be it ballad or more dance-y number and the below even made it onto our training list.

No Ellie; we need YOUR love… see what we did there? OK, sorry, we’ll move on.


While this isn’t an invatation to set up camp in the bushes outside of her gaff, Ellie did reveal that she is in fact single and has reportedly dated Irishmen before (former Two Tube presenter Dylan Haskins as well as Niall from One Direction). So, y’know, there’s hope… if you’re in a boyband and swing in those circles.

Ellie is a bit of a fitness fanatic and is training for The New York City marathon this year. So talented, beautiful AND fit then. Good lord.

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