Five stacked playlists for each of Ireland's biggest summer festivals 4 years ago

Five stacked playlists for each of Ireland's biggest summer festivals

It's festival season folks!

We love a good festival here in Ireland, and by the looks of what this summer has in store, there's going to be a little something for everyone.


And whether you just want to know a bit more about the acts playing at some of the upcoming festivals, or you feel you know plenty and just want a playlist to get you in the mood, these badboys should do the trick.

Now, obviously, we have left some great songs and great acts out, but that's purely because there's genuinely too much talent to choose from; below is just a taste of some of the tunes festival goers will hear in the flesh over the coming months.

Forbidden Fruit 2019

When: 1-3 June


Ah, you have to love Forbidden Fruit. The weather seems to be better than at most other Irish festivals, everyone's having a good time, and the acts are usually top notch.

Here's just some of the songs you need to have heard before making your way to Kilmainham.

Body & Soul 2019


When: 20 June - 22 June

Even though many people would argue that Body & Soul isn't about the lineup, it still has a damn good one every year, and this one is no different.

Located in Westmeath, this feelgood weekend never disappoints.


Longitude 2019

When: 5-7 July

Longitude has undergone a bit of an identity change over the past number of years. A massive identity change, really.

It is now almost entirely a hip-hop festival, with a few pop and dance acts thrown in for good measure. So if that's your buzz, get on this playlist.


Indiependence 2019

When: 2-3 August

One of the summer's biggest festivals is going down in Cork, with some absolutely huge names. But if you're not familiar with some of the acts, here's some bangers you should know going in.

Electric Picnic 2019

When: 30 August - 1 September

The biggest of them all, without a doubt. With a capacity of almost 60,000, EP is the highlight of Irish festival season and we've tried to do it justice with the playlist below.

Five different playlists for five different festivals with (hopefully) something in there for every taste, every mood and every occasion.