Five acts that you definitely have to check out at Sea Sessions 2014 8 years ago

Five acts that you definitely have to check out at Sea Sessions 2014

"Him from the country so him got to be funky..."

There is only one festival worth going to this weekend... no, it's not Glastonbury silly. Sea Sessions returns to Bundoran once again with its unique mix of music, surfing, beach sports and partying.


To celebrate, JOE has decided to take a look at five of our favourite acts that festival goers should check out.

The Strypes

Very few people could have predicted just how big the four-piece band from Cavan would become this year. JOE isn't surprised though, we saw them last summer and the festival tent was packed with fans eager to hear their catchy rhythm and blues riffs. The Strypes have been gigging around the pubs, clubs and festivals of Ireland since 2011 and they have built up a solid reputation as a live band.

Don't miss them...


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JOE are big fans of the the brothers Loveless and, having seen them live, we are certain that festival fans will love their raw grunge-bluesy sound. Their live set is strikingly similar to the White Stripes/Black Keys model, one beats the living hell out of the drums while the other sings and plays guitar.


No bass, no frills, just stripped down rock 'n roll.

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We Cut Corners


They may be late additions to the billing but we couldn't be happier. JOE are big fans of the Dublin duo's latest album 'Think Nothing' and we are sure that their mix of sharp guitar riffs with infectious melodies will go down brilliantly at Sea Sessions.

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For the last two years, Neil Barnes has toured Leftfield around the world, selling out venues and headlining festivals. And now, he is venturing out of the studio to bring his DJ set to Bundoran. Previously a duo, Leftfield were pioneers in the evolution of electronic music in the 1990s and their live shows are famous.  In fact, Dutch police were close to arresting their soundman due to the noise levels being so high!


Honestly, they could just play the entire 'Leftism' album and JOE would be delighted.

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JOE was surprised to find out that it has been almost 15 years since Kelis released her scintillating debut 'Kaleidoscope.' Since then she has gone on to conquer the world and delight festival-goers with her unique mix of R&B , soul and hip-hop. Her new album 'Food' is a JOE favourite and the incredibly talented Kelis is definitely not to be missed.

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If anyone is still looking for a ticket, there are still some available. Check out the Sea Sessions website for more information.