Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl has a very intense drinking routine before any gig 4 years ago

Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl has a very intense drinking routine before any gig

Some man. Paddy Losty would be proud.

Given the fact that he has been playing music for over three decades and performed to millions of people around the world, you would think that Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl would be comfortable going onstage without any pre-gig nerves or jitters.


Well, the former drummer for Nirvana might be a god to some people but he still needs some Dutch courage before he learns to fly on stage.

In an interview with KLOS-FM, Grohl chatted about he prepares for a show and it involves a lot of booze. In fact, if he doesn't get a few beers and shots of Jägermeister in before the show, it feels like someone has thrown a monkey wrench into his plans.

First off, in order to prepare his body for the rake of booze that he's about to knock back, the rock icon takes three Advil 90 minutes before the show. Then, “an hour before the gig, I have a Coors Light," he explains.

"About 50 minutes before the gig, I hit my first Jag [Jagermeister], finish the Coors Light, get another Coors Light going. Now there’s a bunch of people around, so I’m throwing shots at everybody and I’m taking shots with everyone in the room. The next Coors Light is down, I got a cold one. Now it’s about maybe 20 minutes before going on. I’ve had three or four shots of Jager and three Coors Lights. Then they sort of clear the room and we get 15 minutes to ourselves. This is bad! This is how I’ve spent every night of the last year and a half. That’s why I’m not scared of the Lord. I’ve seen worse," he said.


Rather than take a few minutes to unwind, the Foo Fighters frontman continues to go at it, awful very hard.

"So then like 15 minutes before, we’re like, ‘We need our privacy,’ which is such bullshit. We totally don’t. So then, it’s all of us and I feel guilty because I’m the only one who’s been doing the shots of the Jag, so I start feeding shots of Jag to the rest of the band, who are all drinking white wine and champagne and whatever.  So I’m pounding them with Jag but I have to take them with them, so now I’m five or six shots in. And it’s like, it’s time to walk to the stage, so I crack another beer just to have a cold one as I walk up and I pick up the bottle and drink the last inch of the Jag!”

On a more kiddie-friendly note, the singer adds: "Kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs.”

Just remember that the guitarist is 49-years-old, is a father of three and has openly admitted to the fact that he has never taken cocaine, heroin or speed.


My hero.

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Clip via 955KLOS