Proposing at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2019 could earn you free tickets for life 1 year ago

Proposing at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2019 could earn you free tickets for life

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit

Fancy free Bulmers Forbidden Fruit tickets for the rest of your life?

There's nothing quite like a summer music festival. Maybe it's the live music, maybe it's the crowds, or maybe it's the chilled out atmosphere, but there's a lot to love.

Speaking of love, it could very well be the place you meet that special someone. No amount of designer clothes or fancy hair styles will ever be as romantic as meeting someone covered in glitter wearing a cheap pair of wellies.

A few years ago, festival-goer Keith proposed to his then-girlfriend Dee at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit. Flash forward to 2019, and the two of them will be returning to the festival as a happily married couple.

The best part is, they'll both be able to go to the festival together for free for the rest of their lives. If you follow in their footsteps this year by popping the question, you could be rewarded with the very same.


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The fruit might be forbidden but love isn't! ?? Get hitched this Bank Holiday Weekend at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit Festival! There isn't a more perfect place to pop the question to that special person than on our new Ferris Wheel with panoramic views of the city, or sat in the meadows listening to one of your favourite bands... did someone say a pint of Bulmers for the bride? ?? Follow in the footsteps of Dee & Keith, meet your soulmate at this year's festival. Get engaged at next years festival and do the almighty and follow through with the wedding.... and Bulmers Irish Cider will gift you tickets for life. ❤?? If lifetime commitment isn't just for you just yet, you can always get married for the weekend at the incredible Inflatable Church which returns to the festival this year. ??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?? Sunday & Weekend tickets on course to selling out. The countdown is on! HERE - #BulmersFF19 Drink Bulmers Responsibly

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Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2019 tickets are selling out fast. Get yours now to make sure you don't miss out on the chance of going back there every year for free!

Brought to you by Bulmers Forbidden Fruit