The 'Galway Girl' from Ed Sheeran's new song appears to have been found 6 years ago

The 'Galway Girl' from Ed Sheeran's new song appears to have been found

Could this be who it's about?

When Ed Sheeran's album dropped there was one song in particular that Irish people were interested in, 'Galway Girl'. We'd known about it for some time but hadn't a clue what to expect.


He sings about a Galway Girl who plays the fiddle and fell in love with an Englishman. He said that they met on Grafton Street and shared a kiss and dropped other hints about who she is.

Clip via Ed Sheeran

After hearing the song it left us all wondering who this Galway Girl was.


Well, wonder no more, it seems she might have been found.

RTÉ claim that Niamh Dunne, from the band Beoga, is the Galway Girl.

Image via Facebook/Beoga


Interestingly, Ed Sheeran teamed up with Beoga for this song so it could be about Niamh.

However, a few things don't add up. Although she does play the fiddle, she is from Limerick and not Galway. She also just got married in January so either the encounter described in the song happened a long time ago or Ed's imagination ran wild.

Speaking to RTÉ, Niamh said:

"I'm so happy with 'Galway Girl', Ed Sheeran knows how to write a great pop song and it's so catchy.

As for being the inspiration I dunno if you could go that far really, Christ almighty and I a Limerick woman!

My sister said she knew straight away it couldn't be about me when later in the song she beats him at darts and pool."


We're just going to have to hear it from the man himself if Niamh is actually the Galway Girl.