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17th Jul 2017

WATCH: A Garda at Longitude brilliantly recreated one of the funniest ever Irish comedy sketches

Never gets old.

Conor Heneghan


One Garda…

Those of you with an appreciation for Irish comedy will remember The Savage Eye, which ran for four series on RTÉ and included some of the best material the channel has featured for a long, long time.

Created by David McSavage, it was surreal, dark and often completely off the wall, unafraid to confront divisive and uncomfortable issues and a regular source of belly laughs for the watching audience.

Of all the many memorable sketches from the show, one featuring David McSavage teaching pronunciation to a classroom full of Garda trainees is easily one of the best and most recognisable it ever produced.

At Longitude over the weekend, JOE reader Fionn Morrison encountered a member of An Garda Siochána and thought he’d see if he might be able to deliver a recreation of some of McSavage’s finest work.

He did not disappoint…

After watching that, you might as well watch the original… over and over again.

Clip via Blinder Films

It never gets old.

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