Garth Brooks wants to come to Ireland to put on those Croke Park gigs once and for all 4 years ago

Garth Brooks wants to come to Ireland to put on those Croke Park gigs once and for all

And it’s all thanks to Enda Kenny… sort of.

Two years after the nation was gripped by the saga over Garth Brooks’ no-show at Croke Park, the hugely popular country singer is apparently determined to perform at GAA HQ once and for all.

In case you were living under a rock during the summer of 2014, hundreds of thousands of Garth fans in these parts were left disappointed after he decided not to put on any shows in Ireland when Dublin City Council agreed to license only three of five scheduled (and sold-out) concerts.

Garth’s legions of Irish fans are likely to be super-excited at reports that, having seen the scale and success of Bruce Springsteen’s gigs at Croker at the weekend, Brooks wants to do something likewise in the near future.


A concert source is quoted in the Irish Sun as saying: “The message we got from Garth’s people is we need to talk urgently and get these Irish concerts sorted soon.”

Not only was Garth impressed by the Boss and by the crowds at Croke Park, he was also said to have been taken with the clip of Enda Kenny’s ‘Dad dance’ that went viral after he attended Friday night’s gig at Croke Park.

“So much that went wrong before with Garth’s concerts was down to officialdom in Ireland so to have the Taoiseach making such a public show of how he was enjoying a concert at Croke Park is significant,” the source added.

As we all know well from two years ago, a lot of ts have to be crossed and lower case js dotted before Brooks would get the go-ahead to perform in Croker, but there certainly wouldn’t be any problem selling tickets if he did.

Brooks for Croke Park in 2017? Party on Garth…