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04th Jun 2017

Goosebumps as Liam Gallagher sings a mesmeric version of Live Forever at One Love Manchester

Paul Moore

Our kid absolutely nailed it.

Liam Gallagher is back with a new track Wall of Glass and while the former Oasis singer has been building bridges with his brother Noel, there’s no escaping the fact that he’ll never top the songs and impact that he had with Oasis.

Why? Well, can you name any other band that had such a seismic impact in recent memory?

Five normal lads from the working class areas of Manchester that managed to become the biggest band in the world and in doing so, they reflected the very values of what makes Manchester – and it’s music – so iconic.

Swagger, cheek, talent, hard work, confidence and a little bit of mischief took Oasis to the top.

Well, our kid is back and while the sunshiiiiine may have faded from Old Trafford, he still delivered a thumping set that included Rock ‘n Roll Star, Wall of Glass and the iconic Live Forever.

“Maybe I don’t really wanna know…”

Yep, people absolutely went mad for it.

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