Stage times and all the important details for anyone heading to see Metallica at Slane 1 year ago

Stage times and all the important details for anyone heading to see Metallica at Slane

Sadly, tridents and lightsabers are not allowed.

Fancy three hours of Metallica?

Well, it's on the cards because the official stage times for the visit of the metal gods to Slane have been announced, with James Hetfield and company taking the stage at 8pm on Saturday, 8 June.

It's worth noting that curfew is 11pm.

We're not saying that concertgoers are going to get exactly three hours of the rock icons, but wouldn't that be a treat?

Anyway, here are the stage times in full along with some more important details for the 75,000 or so fans expected to be in attendance.

Slane stage times: 


4:00pm BOKASSA


6:45pm GHOST


11:00pm CURFEW (as in an actual curfew, not a band called Curfew)

As is the norm, the list of items banned from the gig makes for colourful reading.

Concertgoers are being asked to not bring the following...

Air Horns
Alcohol (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
Audio Recorders / Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
Large Backpacks or waistpacks
Cameras with a detachable lense or recording equipment
Camping Equipment
Chinese or Sky Lanterns
Garden furniture - deckchairs, fold up chairs or shooting sticks.
Go Pro’s
Illegal substances
Large Umbrellas
Flag Poles
Large chains - spiked bracelet’s or wallet chains
No Placards or Signs
Nitrous Oxide
Portable Llaser equipment and Pens
Selfie Sticks
Smoke Canisters
Sound systems
Spray Cans
Unauthorised professional film or video equipment
Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets

As you would expect, all the above items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Anyone resisting confiscation of restricted items may be evicted.

Patrons are also being advised to arrive in time for the concert and to allocate time for a search by stewards at arrival.

Information on transport to and from the venue via Dublin Bus is available here.

Apart from that, those heading to the gig are asked to bear the following information in mind:

  • An Garda Siochana and event security will operate ticket checks and searches on access to the venue.
  • Allow enough time for concert entry procedures, ticket checks and searches.
  • An Garda Siochana will operate a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol consumption in public areas, any illegal criminal or anti-social behaviour.
  • For your safety, please co-operate with stewards and Gardaí. Follow any loudspeaker announcements.
  • For safety purposes, please move slowly and quietly when exiting the concert site and co-operate with stewards’ directions.
  • Dress appropriately; always be prepared for the Irish weather. Bring your wellies!
  • ISPCC volunteers will be onsite selling ponchos.
  • Note that catering and bar facilities are available inside the venue. No alcohol or food is permitted to be brought into the venue.
  • Proof of age is required for the sale of alcohol.
  • Official merchandising will be available inside the grounds only.
  • The concert may be recorded for visual and audio broadcast.
  • Note location of entry, exit gates, emergency exits, first aid Posts and water points.
  • Wear bright clothes or luminous armbands if you are walking in the dark.
  • Please note there are a limited ATM facilities on site.
  • Respect the property & privacy of residents in the vicinity of Slane Village. Patrons are also asked to have consideration for local residents and refrain from anti-social behaviour, such as on-street drinking and urinating, etc.
  • Patrons are advised to be aware of their own personal safety and security while attending the events. They should ensure the security of personal belongings while en route to and from the venue i.e purses, wallets, tickets, phones.
  • Note that if you are perceived to be intoxicated, you will be refused entry to the concert even if you hold a valid ticket.
  • Intoxication through alcohol or drugs, antisocial behaviour, crowd surfing or moshing are not acceptable. The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove from the venue anyone taking part in these activities without a refund.

Most importantly, enjoy the gig!