The Irish Times hates Noel Gallagher and he's loving it 2 years ago

The Irish Times hates Noel Gallagher and he's loving it

You'd need to have thick skin being Liam's brother

Not since the producers of the Tom Hardy film 'Legend' turned two stars into five for their poster have we seen such great use of bad press.

Noel Gallagher though, is a little less subtle here as he took one of the most scathing reviews of his new album, 'Who Built The Moon?' and used it to promote the record.

After two loving reviews by The Sun and NME, both calling it one of the best works of his career, the third review shown goes off in another direction, labelling 'Who Built The Moon' as nothing more than "a dried up oasis of dross."

Unless you are an artist who wants to create a work showing a dried up oasis of dross, there are very few reviews in which those exact words could be interpreted as praise. This is certainly not the case, since this observation came from a scathing one-star review by the Irish Times.

It seems Noel Gallagher has fallen in love with this particular critic who also called him "a middle-aged Manchester City fan whose last memorable contribution to his art appeared more than two decades ago."

Yes, that's a far-cry from "perhaps his best yet", or "Noel's best album since '... Morning Glory'"

Noel has been riding high on this review since it first landed a week ago, sharing a screenshot of the headline on his Instagram page with the caption, "That's me told then", before poking fun at the pun by noting, "See what they did there with the headline?"

In truth, this is what happens when you attempt to rile up the man who grew up with Liam 'Everyone's Rubbish' Gallagher. Some people would take it personally.

As for Noel? Well, he just rolls with it and doesn't let anybody get in his way. (sorry. not sorry.)