JOE meets... INXS frontman Ciaran Gribbin 8 years ago

JOE meets... INXS frontman Ciaran Gribbin

From a drunken house party to being on stage with INXS, Ciaran Gribbin has had a pretty interesting career to date.


Derry man Ciaran Gribbin has made the transition from being a hopeful musician to standing on stage with one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and all from playing a quick tune on the couch at a house party.

Gribbin's music pedigree isn't in question of course, as he wrote a few songs with Paul Okenfold for Madonna (and all he has to show for it is a Grammy nomination), has written soundtracks for movies, and used to perform under the name Joe Echo, in case you're wondering where you know the name from.

He sat down to talk with JOE about making the jump to INXS frontman, living in Australia and even gave us tips on how to become a rock star ourselves...anyone having a house party this weekend?