The JOE Music Quiz: Week 119 9 months ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 119

Let's quiz again, like we did last summer...

It is still summer, though. Might not feel like it right now. Depends on the day and the conditions thereof, really!


But look, you're not here for an Irish weather quiz, are you? Wait, are you? If you are, there's one right here.

As for the JOE Music Quiz... well, there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is you have a brand new quiz right here, ready for your participation. The bad news? Bloody tricky, ain't it.

Three rounds await – a round on general knowledge, a round on the prog-rock band Muse in honour of their brand new album Will of the People and a round on the union of music and movies.

Off you go now...


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