The JOE Music Quiz: Week 51 1 week ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 51

The 51st edition of the JOE Music Quiz is here in all its glory.

After the seismic milestone of reaching 50 editions of the JOE Music Quiz last week (you can take the historic edition of the quiz right here), this seems somewhat of an anti-climax.


51 is not a number you can play around with. There was a movie called The 51st State, starring Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle, which was a bit bonkers.

There is also a place in the United States called Area 51, which is a hotspot for UFO enthusiasts. The top-secret US Airforce base in the Nevada desert is rumoured to house aliens and their technology.

Perhaps most significantly of all, the Mayo footballers last won an All-Ireland in 1951 and we don't want to go near any discussion of the supposed 'curse' behind one of the most famous droughts in sport.

So, apart from the movie, the UFO hotspot and Mayo's last All-Ireland title, 51 has little to offer us in way of milestones. But it is the first step of the next 50 to take us onto the magical century. We just cannot cope.

Remember folks, this quiz is nothing without you, the loyal readers, testing your musical nous each week. We wish you well in this week's quest.

Questions on Jane's Addiction, The Script and Santan Dave all feature this week and we know you'll get at least 10 answers right. Right?

Top one, nice one, get sorted.


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