The JOE Music Quiz: Week 54 1 week ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 54

We don't want to alarm you, but the JOE Music Quiz is here.

Studio 54 was a very infamous nightclub in New York, the epicentre for disco and the social elite back in the 1970s.


Alas, there is not much disco in today's music quiz, but by taking and excelling in the quiz, you are ensuring yourself a spot on a list of the musical quiz elite...

... or something.

All of that is a preamble to the fact that this is the 54th edition of the JOE music quiz and, as you know by now, we like to provide interesting facts about the number of the quiz if at all possible.

We are not here solely to entertain, we want to educate too.

If you wanted to ring someone in Argentina, the prefix code is 54. Before you call someone in Buenos Aires, however, have a go at the music quiz and dazzle us with your sheer musical intelligence.

Today's quiz features questions about Limp Bizkit, The White Stripes and The Saw Doctors amongst others.

The sparkle in your eyes, keeps me alive...


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