JOE's Song Of The Day #819 - Laoise - 'Seriously?' 11 months ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #819 - Laoise - 'Seriously?'

Yes, seriously.

Galway electro-pop heroine Laoise returns with another sky-scraping effort in the form of 'Seriously?', a song that poses a fairly relatable question about love, life, and all of that.

"'Seriously?' is about that feeling when you really, really like someone and you don’t know how tell them but you keep dropping hints and they don’t pick up on them and you’re like ‘seriously?," explains Laoise.

"It actually made me think about the first time I liked a girl, and she just thought we were just really close friends," she adds.

"When I was writing it, it was the middle of the winter and the weather was horrible, but I kept imagining the feeling of summer and what that would sound like in a song. To me, it feels like driving down a highway with the top down, mixed with the taste of fruit punch and the smell of sun cream.

"It’s the feeling you have when you’re not worrying about anything other someone liking you back, which I think is something we’ve all felt, especially when we’re younger and carefree.”

All of which cues things up nicely.

Check out 'Seriously?' below and if you like the sound of it and happen to be hitting up Indiependence in Cork this weekend, you can go see it live...

Clip via LAOISE