JOE's Song Of The Day #810 - Tandem Felix 'Nightclub (I Sold My Soul to the Devil)' 2 years ago

JOE's Song Of The Day #810 - Tandem Felix 'Nightclub (I Sold My Soul to the Devil)'

Because we all need some wry Americana in our lives...

Having been rightly hailed for releasing one of the very best Irish songs of 2017* by those overseeing the RTÊ Choice Music Prize, Dublin outfit Tandem Felix make a welcome return.


Headed up by David Tapley, a man with a fondness for dry laconic wit, pedal steel guitar and the daring heroics of Bohemian F.C., Tandem Felix specialise in breezy short stories with an alt-country kick.

If that sounds like your bag, read on.

Released into the world today, the instantly infectious 'Nightclub (I Sold My Soul to the Devil)' marks the lead single from forthcoming debut album Rom-Com, which arrives on 10 October.

Each track from the album will get its very own video, and the first one is a gem as Tapley takes a strange trip after making a Faustian pact; exchanging his soul for the means to spend every remaining night inside a grotty club.


We've all been there.

Check it out below.

Clip via Tandem Felix


*That song in question would be 'Were You There (When They Crucified the Birthday Boy)?' and you really ought to check it out after the one above.