Exciting new Irish artist Skinner leads JOE's Songs of the Week 1 year ago

Exciting new Irish artist Skinner leads JOE's Songs of the Week

Five essential tunes you need in your life right now.

Greetings and welcome to JOE's Songs of the Week rundown.


As you might expect, this is where we recommend a clutch of new music we really think you should take the time out of your busy day to engage with.

Whether you do it here via the YouTube videos below or queue them up on your respective streaming service of choice is really up to you; but trust us, you're getting the good stuff here.

Now, on with the tunes...

#1. Skinner – 'The Slump'


Clip via Skinner

Brand new Irish artist Aaron Corcoran aka Skinner has announced himself with a notably punchy debut single, one that recalls the more enjoyable indie fare that followed you around clothes shops during the late 2000s.

That's a compliment, honest.


"The song channels a feeling of nothingness and attempting to find the humour in it," he says.

Job done.

#2. Vince Staples – 'ROSE STREET'


Clip via Vince Staples

Prolific, fearless and quite brilliant Long Beach rapper Vince Staples is about to drop Ramona Park Broke My Heart; his fifth studio album.

It arrives less than a year after his self-titled record, which clocked in at just 22 minutes long.

More power to the man, we say. Albums are generally too long nowadays as it is.

In any event, 'ROSE STREET', the second cut from next Friday's new album, is Staples at his widescreen best.


#3. Soccer Mommy – 'Shotgun'

Clip via Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, known as Sophie Allison to the tax man, has released two superb albums in the last four years – 2018's Clean and 2020's Color Theory.

Hailing from Nashville, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter boasts a sound that sounds trapped in dive bars from the 1990s – again, this is a compliment.

Her next album arrives in June. 'Shotgun' is a very strong first blast of what to expect.

#4. Maria Kelly ft. Paul Noonan – 'the sum of the in-between'

Clip via Maria Kelly

Irish alt-folk artist Maria Kelly has re-worked one of her 2021 tracks – 'the sum of the in-between' – as part of her new 'Postcards In-between' project.

"This track has always been about the power of vulnerability, and the strength that can be found in meeting yourself where you are, wherever you are," says Kelly.

Bell X1 and HousePlants frontman Paul Noonan is on board for the new reimagining – the result a most perfect union.

#5. Angel Olsen – 'All The Good Times'

Clip via Angel Olsen

Having produced one of the most enjoyable collaborations of 2021 alongside Sharon Van Etten, the terrific Angel Olsen is back focusing on solo material.

'All The Good Times' is the first shot in anger from forthcoming album Big Time, which lands in the first few days of June.

Olsen will finally return to Ireland this year, too. Catch her at Vicar Street on Monday, 24 October.