JOE’s New Song of the Day #377: Best Boy Grip - 'Reptile' 4 years ago

JOE’s New Song of the Day #377: Best Boy Grip - 'Reptile'

"I see all the pretty girls."

Best Boy Grip is back.


With a fierce bang of the toe-tappin', head-groovin' energy of the 1980s off it, we're not sure what we love more about 'Reptile', the latest single from Derry's Best Boy Grip; the deliciously dirty bass or the delightfully dirty VHS video.

Not that kind of dirty video, you filthmonger. We're talking about the perfectly authentic VHS scratches on the screen, obviously.

'Reptile', officially released through Amelia Records on 24 February,  is already a favourite on both BBC Radio 6 and here in JOE HQ, so we've no doubt it'll also be a favourite of yours in no time at all.

Enjoy the official video for 'Reptile' below and make sure you check out Best Boy Grip's other featured singles, 'Sharks', 'Can't Buy Love, Son' and, under the guise of Wake America, 'Silly Boy'.

Funkin' fantastic...


Clip via Amelia Records

You can also listen to 'Reptile' on Spotify by clicking here and for more info on Best Boy Grip, you can check out the official website by clicking here, the Facebook page by clicking here and Twitter by clicking here.