JOE’s Song Of The Day #560: Dec Pierce – ‘Higher - feat. Tara Harrison’ 3 years ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #560: Dec Pierce – ‘Higher - feat. Tara Harrison’

Dec Pierce brings us all back to the old school.

Dec Pierce is a presenter and DJ working for TodayFM. He's also an old-school raver and was brought up listening to tunes from the likes of Prodigy (pic below), N-Trance,  KLF, Altern-8 and so much more.


From the era that brought us baggy trousers, bucket hats, whistles and klaxon horns in old disused warehouses, the tunes were loud, catchy, hypnotic and in your face. As a wise man once said, 'Everybody in the place.....let's go!'

Dec Pierce

It's no surprise then to hear his first ever music release has a real old-school ravers vibe about it. ‘Higher’ is inspired by one of Dec’s favourite dance tracks from the 90s by Italian dance producers, SPQR, entitled ‘Hypnotic State’.

They released an EP in 1996 called Unlimited Dreams, and one of the tracks on that EP ‘Hypnotic State’ became a big club favourite in Ireland. It’s a very rare, hard to get track these days.

This version just takes small inspiration from the hook in the original track. Dec enlisted the talented Tara Harrison (also a DJ at Today FM) to sing the vocals for him.

He is now working on a number of classic old school 90s dance tracks at the moment. His plan - if people like the songs he makes - is to release a small EP for sale online.

All money made from sales will be donated to the Irish Cancer Society. ‘Higher’ is dedicated to his father-in-law who passed away just before Christmas after a short battle with cancer. So not only is a catchy little number, it's for a bloody good cause too!


Dec Pierce & The Hit Machine drummers will perform dance classics at Halo in Galway, Thursday 1st March. Tickets available from the venue.