JOE’s Song Of The Day #650: Ailbhe Reddy ‘Shame’ 10 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #650: Ailbhe Reddy ‘Shame’

Ailbhe Reddy releases a corker.

This lady can sing. With two stunning EP releases to her credit, 'Hollowed Out Sea' and 'Attach To Memory', Ailbhe Reddy has firmly secured her place as one of Ireland's top independent artists.

Ailbhe Reddy

There is no denying the Florence-esque quality to her voice and this track is the perfect platform for it. It's a really catchy number and will inevitably live in your ears long after you've heard it.

She blew everyone away with her Other Voices performance in 2017 and to start 2018, Reddy released new single 'Nothing to Doubt' to excellent reviews and Spotify play-listing.

About the new track, she said: "Shame is the word that sums up so much of what holds people back and keeps people down. A precursor for my own experience of struggling with depression and feeling afraid to talk about it. I also wanted to write a song about depression you could kinda dance to."

Clip via Ame Music

Ailbhe will be headlining a show in Whelan's this November and you can keep up to date on what she's up to via her Facebook page right here.