JOE’s Song Of The Day #687: The Burma ‘Quicksand’ 2 years ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #687: The Burma ‘Quicksand’

The Burma have got melodies.

The Burma are an indie band from Cork. They have supported the likes of The Academic, The Strypes, Delorentos, the Blizzards and Ryan Sheridan in the past.


They do classic indie jangly guitar riffs so well. Drawing on inspiration from the American Indie scene of the early 2000’s and British guitar bands such as The Smiths, The Burma are ready to stand on their own now and be recognised as a really good band with some great tunes.

The Burma

“We’re running in a dream but I keep falling behind you” – this new track certainly conjures up the fabric of a dream. In a world that changes faster than we can hope to adapt, this intensely melodic pop tune figures as a poignant hymn to a life lost in transition.

Clip via The Burma

This is a classic three minute pop song full of verve and melody. The Burma are a band on the up and you really should start checking them out so you can tell your pals, you knew them before they became huge.

The band have a few live dates around the country coming up and you can get more details via their Facebook page right here.


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