JOE’s Song Of The Day #696: Zola Daze ‘K’ 5 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #696: Zola Daze ‘K’

Zola Daze with a piece of modern nostalgia.

No, Zola Daze is not the yearning for a bygone era at Chelsea Football Club, it's the chosen moniker of Waterford based musician, Andrew Martin.

Eclecticism has been the rule rather than the exception for Andrew. Before Zola Daze was ever a thing, his teenage years saw him cut his chops with such varied gigs as performing with sean nós singer Nóirín Ní Riain alongside Benedictine monks, all the way over to playing with local heavy metal band, Impurium.

Zola Daze

After finishing his studies in Dublin, he returned to the creative sanctuary of the Irish countryside. It was here that he crafted his own sound and underwent a process of rediscovery after the disappointing flat-lining of some previous projects.

This is the first track from his debut self-titled EP and it brings you down the psychedelic route, but with modern electronica. There are Pink Floyd similarities here with the fusion of psychedelia and electronica, but serves as a showcase as to what he is capable of.

He's a multi-instrumentalist too and it should be noted that Zola Daze plays every single instrument used on the EP. Impressive stuff from the Cork born man.

Clip via Zola Daze

You can keep up to date with Zola Daze via the Facebook page right here.

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