JOE’s Song Of The Day #698: George Hutton ‘Blow Away The Clouds’ 5 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #698: George Hutton ‘Blow Away The Clouds’

He has a voice that would blow away any clouds.

George Hutton is a singer/songwriter from Derry. He has just released his debut album, Chapter One and this is a track from it.

George Hutton

He's got a bit of pedigree too as he has toured globally with the Columbia Artists production The Five Irish Tenors selling out their first North American Tour in 2017. He has also toured mainland Europe and Canada with the critically acclaimed ensemble Anúna featuring on two albums Illumination and as a soloist on the album Revelation.

The sharper observers among you will recognise him as star of the RTE2 Series ‘Exiles: Vancouver’. He quickly made his presence known performing at The Vancouver Film Festival and later being asked to perform at the Grey Cup Final in memory of the legendary NHL player and coach Joe Quinn.

Clip via George Hutton

George is doing a show in his native Derry at the Guildhall on December 14 and you can get details about it and all other stuff via his Facebook page right here.

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