JOE’s Song Of The Day #784 – Hello Casanova ‘Jet Black’ 3 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #784 – Hello Casanova ‘Jet Black’

Hello Casanova release a classic indie sounding track.

If you were asked to describe the sound of good energetic indie music, you'd not go far wrong playing this track. Hello Casanova are a band from Armagh and they know how to write indie songs.

This whole track and video was produced independently by Hello Casanova as if to emphasise how indie they are. This is a very catchy fast paced song which will have you toe-tapping along and singing 'Jet Black' over and over again.

Hello Casanova

Hello Casanova are a pop rock outfit made up of four eccentrics hailing from Armagh and Belfast. Matt Irwin and Ethan Williamson who are childhood friends, drifted apart after primary school as they attended high school in different cities.

However in their teens they reunited through their love of music and have been writing songs together since they were 15. It wasn’t until Matt and Ethan joined forces with uni mates, Oisin Jayat and Padraig Norton that the band was truly complete.

Clip via POLVR

The lads are planning on releasing more music as well as doing more live shows and you can get all the details via their Facebook page right here.

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