JOE’s Song Of The Day #792 – Fintan McKahey ‘God Games’ 1 year ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #792 – Fintan McKahey ‘God Games’

Some chilled and effortless quality from Fintan McKahey.

Fintan McKahey is a young Irish singer-songwriter. He has just released his second EP, titled God Games, which is also the name of the first track to be released from it.

God Games is the follow-up to his debut EP, Two Lifetimes Late, and offers more signs of McKahey's progression as an artist.

Fintan McKahey

This song sees McKahey move away from his folk roots as he delves into down tempo, alt-pop. Intertwining his experiences exploring alternative belief systems during travels in Thailand, Peru and Kenya, God Games offers a perspective on life, love and possibility.

Fintan is the son of Stump drummer, Rob McKahey and the nephew of Cousteau singer, Liam McKahey and as well as his musical interests, he has also trained as a classical actor at Kinsales amphitheatre and collaborates with artists in film, photography and dance.

Clip via Fintan McKahey

Fintan is touring with the new EP and you can find out all the information about upcoming dates via his Facebook page right here.

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