JOE’s Song Of The Day #868 – Wild Youth ‘Next To You’ 3 years ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #868 – Wild Youth ‘Next To You’

Here's your Friday earworm courtesy of Wild Youth.

Wild Youth are back and yes, they've come back with another banger of a tune.


The Dublin foursome has made major strides on the Irish pop scene over the past few years and this time, they are looking to take the first steps to global domination.

Homegrown, humble fun is the main preoccupation of the Irish quartet. Their collective self-assured swagger has caught eyes and ears everywhere.

These lads have a strut, but the tunes to back it up too, there are no gimmicks here.

Wild Youth, having had massive success with 'Can't Move On' and 'Making Me Dance' have not disappointed with their new song.


'Next To You' is a euphoric 80s-steeped soundscape, packed with glittering hooks and inspired by the universal idea of immediate romance.

There's a whiff of The Avalanches and their slice of genius that is 'Since I Left You', off this track. That's a very good thing.

That man David Whelan can reach those notes!

It's pure pop and it's bloody good.


The track is further complemented by a vibrant, kaleidoscopic video conceived by the band and The Tenth Man, marked by the four members' catchy dances.

The lads premiered the video for 'Next To You' on JOE yesterday in an exclusive Fans First event with hundreds of fans gathering on Zoom to watch the video and ask the band questions.

Commenting on the new song, the band said;

"'Next To You' is about an immediate connection with somebody. That overwhelming feeling of meeting 'the one' and wanting to spend every single minute by their side. Regardless of whatever that involves, you'll literally do anything."


Video via Wild Youth